San Francisco, CA

Main Event - July 19-20, 2018

About Distributed: 2018

Join us for the flagship summit

Distributed 2018 connects East and West in Silicon Valley as the premier blockchain for enterprise event and a truly global experience. Presented by Wanxiang Blockchain and BTC Inc, Distributed brings together technologists, industry executives, investors and decision makers at the intersection of the worlds of blockchain technology and legacy industry for two days of discussion, debate, and deal-making.

Distributed provides the ideal platform for information sharing and fosters intimate networking opportunities to enable critical partnership development both between Asian and Western firms and between blockchain technology providers and enterprise users.

Drive Your Business
Objectives Forward

Learn how to implement this new technology in order to make your business processes more efficient and cost-effective.

Learn from
Industry Experts

We’ll have leaders from the blockchain industry and legacy enterprise discussing how DLT and tokenization are powering the future of business.

Collaborate with
Other Innovators

Join a host of like-minded attendees ranging from developers to investors to VCs, for a day of networking and idea sharing.


Distributed Business

Many know blockchain technology as the architecture behind cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin but have yet to appreciate how it is poised to enact radical change across industries - and to change the way businesses everywhere operate. Identity, Governance and incentive structures are integral parts of the the new distributed business.

Tokenized Economy

Tokenization models will redefine the way value moves in the connected economy, decreasing friction between buyers and sellers, increasing the efficiency of financial transactions and giving parties greater options for transparency and security. Public protocol development and DLT implementations will also be covered as integral to the digital infrastructure of a tokenized economy.



Evidenced by its position as a quarter of GDP in the US, healthcare spending is an outsized portion of the world economy. The Health track explores how DLT and tokenization is being applied to make healthcare safer, more efficient and more transparent.

- Payments
- Genetic Data


Including its first application In bitcoin, blockchain technology has seen the most robust development in financial services. The Markets track will explore how the financial world is being disrupted and is reshaping itself as well as the challenges that remain for blockchain tech adoption and implementation.

- Capital Markets
- Investing
- Exchanges
- Tokenization


Global trade is a theme this year for all the wrong reasons as world powers vie for ”better” trade flows. In that environment, transparency and efficiency gains become all the more important, and we’ll explore the applications and current shortfalls for blockchain tech in the world’s trade networks in the Trade track.

- Supply Chain
– Trade Finance
– Manufacturing Integrity
– Aviation


The world’s energy markets continue to develop in the face of changing inputs and demands. The Energy stream will explore the pros and cons of various blockchains when integrated for energy specifically.

- Transactive Grids
– IOT Networks
– Smart Cities 
- Energy Asset Logistics


The media industry is at a crossroads as traditional business models are forced to be reimagined. The media track will explore  blockchain applications in digital media, digital asset marketplaces, gaming and curated registries.

- Content curation
- Digital asset markets
– Gaming
– Digital publishing

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